How does Luxe Luck work?

How can I enter a Luxe Luck weekly prize competition?

  1. Select the prize you want to play for
  2. Select the tickets from those available
  3. Complete the answer to the brain tangler
  4. Play for more prizes or checkout and pay for your entries
  5. You will receive an email with details of your selected tickets and prizes
  6. Keep an eye on the timer. Once all tickets have sold out, the live draw will be triggered.

Full details of how to win can be seen on our How to Win video

How do you select a winner?

All entries with the correct answer go in to a live draw at the end of the competition.

We use a random number generator. The draw will be live on the website and YouTube. You will receive an email detailing the time and date of the live draw for each prizes you have entered.


How often can I play and how many tickets can I buy?

You can play as often as you like but we have a limit of 20 tickets per competition.


How many chances do I have to win?

This depends on how many tickets you have purchased. Similar to the National Lottery – there is one draw, but the more tickets your purchase, the greater your chances of winning. For example if you select 5 tickets, and you get the correct answer to the brain tangler, each of your 5 tickets will be entered in to the prize draw.

Whichever number is drawn using our independent draw software will have a winning name, email and one prize attached.


How much is the entry?

Entries start from as little as £1 per ticket and are dependent on the prize.

When you buy more than 3 tickets you will have an automatic discount allocated as follows:

  • 3 – 5 tickets = 5% discount off total basket value
  • 6 – 8 tickets = 10% discount off total basket value
  • 9+ tickets = 15% off total basket value


Why is there a brain tangler in the competition?

In accordance with the Gambling Commission regulations in the UK, we are legally required to include a game of skill in offering a paid for prize competition. We have chosen the mathematical logic quiz as it stretches your brain and people love doing them. They are not as easy as you think! Pay close attention and use your calculator!


When does the prize draw take place?

The draw will take place within 48 hours of the competition closing. The draw day and times are subject to change and will be updated on the website if this is the case.


What if the tickets are not all sold before the timer runs out?

If a prize is not sold out, the timer will reset for one more week. The competition can rollover a maximum of 4 times.


How do you select the charity?

The charities for the next prize competition is selected by winners. The total collected will be split evenly at the end of each calendar month across all selected charities.

Winners and Prizes

Who are the winners?

Winners can be anyone who resides in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland and who enters the prize competition.  You must be present in the UK when you are on the website to enter any prize competition.

How do I receive my prize?

You will receive an email and phone call from a member of the team to let you know you have won.  If it is an item you have won, we will ask you specifics of colour, size etc if choices are available.  You will receive your prize within 28 days via secured, insured courier. If you have won an experience or holiday we will email you the details and call to confirm you have received the details of how to book.  Please note the experience and holiday prizes will be subject to dates availability and additional terms and conditions.

Who Are We?

Luxe Luck is a wholly owned brand of The Luxe Life Group and is the passion child of Vanessa Vyapooree and Yetunde Shobande.  You can read all about us on the About section of the website.

Where are Luxe Luck based?

We are based in London.  Our offices are Office 322a – Building 3 North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London, N11 1GN