Important location notification

It looks like you’re outside the UK

So, unfortunately, you will not be able to access your account at the moment.

To play Luxe Luck online, you must be a resident of the UK at all times. You must also be physically located in the UK  when buying a ticket or when setting up an account to play.

What can I do?

I’m located in the UK. Why am I being blocked and how can I fix this?

Our location software recognizes Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) that are used by UK-based Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If your ISP has not registered your IP address as being situated in the UK, we must assume that you are located outside this region.

Please contact your ISP and ask them to update the registration of your IP address (it may take a few weeks for the changes to take effect).

This issue could also be caused by the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) by yourself or other members of your household.

You may also experience problems accessing your account if you are using a device at work which routes its internet traffic through servers based outside of the UK.

How can I make changes to my account when I’m outside the UK?

For any account management queries or if you require a refund, please contact our Interactive Customer Care Team on 020 3536 2765 (Calls charged at local and national rates.), who will be happy to help out.

Can I be entered into draws while I’m abroad?

You cannot play the game while you are outside the UK.

Players must be physically located in the UK.