How It Works?

1. Select the prize you want to play for
2. Select the ticket numbers you want.
Depending on the prize, there will be between 100 -2000 tickets available.
You can only play a maximum of 10 tickets per prize until the competition closes.
Don’t forget to click “Add to Cart”
3. From the cart page, you can add other prizes, or you can go straight to the brain tangler.
Answer the brain tangler just one time to secure all entries (if you get the answer right).
Top tip – use a calculator and pen and paper!
4. Check out and pay for your entries.
5. Wait for the live draw to activate once all tickets are sold out or timer ends, whichever comes first.
NB. If timer runs out before all tickets are sold, Luxe Luck will rollover the competition. This can happen a maximum of 3 times (4 weeks). If all tickets are not sold out, there will be a cash alternative prize offered to the value of 70% of the tickets sold. 10% will be added to the monthly charity pot.