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Luxe Luck - Luxury Prize Competition
Luxe Luck – Luxury Prize Competition

Welcome to Luxe Luck, the luxury prize competition site.

Hello and welcome to Luxe Luck – the  luxury prize competition site and passion child of Vanessa and Yetunde.

Why a luxury prize competition site?

For years we spent hours upon hours discussing and longing for the classic Chanel. We would trawl through the second hand sites looking for the best condition bargain bag – but it never did come. Instead what happened was the prices increased and the chance of owning a Chanel classic double flap, or a Fendi Peek-a-boo seemed further and further away – unless we won the lottery but chances of that were 1 in 14 million. But what if we could win the dream bag?  What if there was a luxury prize competition that we could enter and it was as easy as answering a question and going in to a draw to win the one bag we wanted? It didn’t exist and one year later, our journey began!

We want you to have the chance of owning your own luxury items and building up a collection and enjoying the luxury lifestyle that we love so much, so unlike the lottery and other prize competitions you see on the TV and magazines, we have increased the number of prizes to 1 in every 3000 entries! If you buy more tickets, you increase your chances of winning – a bit like the lottery, but more realistic.

All you have to do is sign up and get going. Good luck!

Don’t forget to check us out on our social channels where we will share the items and experiences we are lusting over and want you to win!

How does it work?

It’s simple –  www.luxeluck.com is a luxury prize competition website. You sign up and play for luxury items and experiences and we provide the prizes to the lucky winners.

To find out more about how it works, please visit here >

Open to UK & Ireland only.